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Vol 2. Issue 1

Center for Teaching Excellence

Winter 2006



Creating and Fine-tuning Your Philosophy of Teaching

Pratt Heinz Teaching Award for 2005

Teaching Conferences

CTE Spring 2006 Events

CTE Advisory Committee Members 2005-2006


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Creating and Fine-tuning Your Philosophy of Teaching

 Dr. Bill Buskist, Distinguished Professor in the Teaching of Psychology at Auburn University, presented a CTE workshop April 22, 2005.  In the workshop, participants explored their philosophy of teaching and the impact of that philosophy on their effectiveness in the classroom.

   According to Buskist, the philosophy of teaching statement details a teacher's experience and classroom activities and provides an introduction to who he/she is as a teacher.  To write one, teachers should reflect on their values and personal views on teaching, and write freely about their beliefs on education.

 Bill Buskist.jpg
   To stimulate reflection before writing the teaching statement, Buskist suggests the individual undertake the following tasks:

colored square bulletList up to five core values, such as a respect for others, strong work ethic or sense of humor.

colored square bulletBriefly describe the ways these values are reflected in everyday life.

colored square bulletList up to five qualities admired in the teachers you've had.

colored square bulletDescribe the extent to which you possess these qualities and use them in the classroom.

   "Teaching statements are as unique as the people who write them," Buskist adds. "That reflects the idea there is no one way that makes a master teacher a master teacher. [The teaching statement] centers on the core values as a person and on your personality and how those personality traits and values are expressed in the classroom."

   Although there are no mandatory components of a teaching statement, Buskist suggests individual’s statements may address the following questions:

colored square bulletHow do you think learning occurs?

colored square bulletWhat is the role of the teacher, and how do you plan to provide feedback and assessment to students and account for different learning styles and abilities?

colored square bulletWhat are your main goals for students?

colored square bulletWhat actions can you take to reach these goals, such as how do you plan to develop instructional materials, mentor students and conduct classes?

colored square bulletWhat are your plans for professional growth as a teacher?


Pratt Heins Teaching Award for 2005

   At the 2005 UNK Convocation, Daryl Kelley was awarded the Pratt-Heins Teaching Award for 2005.  Daryl, a professor of sociology, has been at UNK since 1986. 
   Kelly was one of the founding members of the UNK Teaching Circle.  He has worked to help new students adjust to their academic responsibilites and to foster a sense of commitment that goes behond campus boundaries.  Congratulations to Daryl for his outstanding efforts in teaching at UNK.


Teaching Conferences

   The Center for Teaching Excellence provides funding to assist faculty in attending conferences on teaching. Access a list of conferences for 2006 at

   To get information on how to apply for funding, click on this link:

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CTE Events for Spring 2006

Thursday, February 2nd at 12:30-1:30 in the NSU Cedar Room
        " Thinking Critically About Critical Thinking:  Transferring Your Expertise to the
       Online Classroom".
  Jean Mandernach
Co-sponsored by CNSS and Continuing Education

Tuesday, March 7th at 3:00-5:00 location TBD
      "Meeting the Needs of the "Millennials" in Higher Education". Richard T. Sweeney
Co-sponsored by COE

Thursday, March 30th at 12:00-2:00 in CMCT 101
       "Cultivating Campus Cultures That Value Student Success" -Teleconference
Co-sponsored by First Year Program

April TBD
       "Assessing Student Outcomes in the Performing Arts" -TBD
Co-sponsored by CFAH and the Office of Assessment

Thursday, April 20th at 12:00-2:00 in CMCT 101
      "Shattering Barriers:  Transforming the College Experience for Students of Color"




CTE Advisory Committee Members 2005-2006

The CTE advisory committee members for 2005-2006 include the following faculty, staff and students:

Jeanne Butler--Director of Center for Teaching Excellence/Assessment Coordinator
Daryl Kelley--Faculty Senate
Julie Schaffer--Graduate Council
Janet Wilke--Library
Mary Rittenhouse--B&T
John Falconer--Sponsored Programs
Ken Nikels--Graduate Council
Patricia Cruzeiro--COE
Susan Honeyman--FAH
Trecia Markes--NSS
Teresa J. Donze--Student
John N. Auwerda--Student


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