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    • A. The Institution
    • B. Administrative Unit Information
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    • PA.2 Program Definition
  • 7.0 Standards for Accreditation
    • Program Inputs:
      • 7.1 Program Title Mission and General Outcomes:
      • 7.2 Competency Identification and Validation:
      • 7.3 Transfer Course Work:
      • 7.4 Assessment of Competency Measures:
      • 7.5 Program Structure and Course Sequencing:
      • 7.6 Student Admission and Retention Standards:
      • 7.7 Student Enrollment:
      • 7.8 Adminstrative Support and Faculty Qualifications:
      • 7.9 Facilities Equipment and Technical Support:
      • 7.10 Program Goals:
    • Program Operation:
      • 7.11 Program/Option Operation:
      • 7.12 Graduate Satisfaction with Program/Option:
      • 7.13 Employment of Graduates:
      • 7.14 Job Advancement of Graduates:
      • 7.15 Employer Satisfaction with Job Performance:
      • 7.16 Graduate Success in Advanced Program:
      • 7.17 Student Success in Passing Certifcation Exams:
      • 7.18 Advisory Committee Approval of Overall Program:
      • 7.19 Outcome Measures Used to Improve Program:


    Re-accreditation Self-Study for 2012


    Aviation Systems Management  

    Construction Management   

    Industrial Distribution   

    Telecommunications Management  



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