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 Fraternity Recruitment 

Fraternity Recruitment is somewhat like the recruiting efforts by a university athletic team.  UNK does not sponsor any formal recruitment events for men during the summer, but operates under the "open recruitment" system.  The primary recruitment time for fraternities is May through September, though it is possible to join at nearly any time.  Recruitment Chairmen are elected officers who are responsible for coordinating overall recruitment efforts for each fraternity.

Starting in early summer, chapter members will begin to initiate contact with men who have expressed interest on their University Housing Contract, Recruitment Registration, or through New Student Enrollment. Expressing interest in Greek Life does not obligate you to join.  Rather, it gives you the opportunity to make new friends and learn more about the fraternity chapters through attending recruitment events.  Recruitment activities can include phone calls, hometown visits, bbq's, lake functions, athletic events, and countless other ways for college students to get to know one another.  Such activities are designed to give both chapter members and potential members to become acquainted as friends.


Fraternity Recruitment Vice Presidents & Chairmen 

If you will not be coming through 2013 New Student Enrollment during the summer, be sure to contact the Office of Greek Affairs at 308.865.8057 to get your name on the interest list. If you have interest in a particular fraternity, below is the contact information for each chapter at the University of Nebraska - Kearney.


Your Role in the Recruitment Process 

Recruitment events typically occur on the weekends throughout the summer. It is to your advantage to attend the functions as you will get to know many more of the members and learn about the fraternity. Each chapter has approximately three recruitment events over the summer beginning in June. Attending a recruitment event does not obligate you to join the chapter, nor does it guarantee you will be invited to join.  Get to know the men of several different fraternities before making the decision of whether or not to pledge. Go to several recruitment events or get to know several members before making a decision.


Find the best fit for YOU!

The right chapter for you may not be the right fit for your best friend.

  • Ask questions about the fraternity new member program, finances, scholarship programs, intramurals, brotherhood activities, academic programs, involvement, and other requirements for membership.
  • Keep an open mind an enjoy meeting new people!    


For more information about other recruitment events contact the Office of Greek Affairs at 308.865.8057 or contact individual chapter recruitment vice presidents/chairmen. 



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