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Multicultural Greek Council 

 2014 Multicultural Greek Council The 2014 MGC Executive Board 

The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) at the University of Nebraska – Kearney is the governing body of four multicultural Greek organizations: one fraternity and three sororities. The mission of the MGC is to provide a forum that allows for the exchange of ideas, programs, and services between its member fraternities and sororities; to promote the awareness of multicultural diversity at the University of Nebraska – Kearney, the surrounding community, and to support the works of its member organizations. For additional information, contact Daniel Jaimes, Multicultural Greek Council President, via email at:


Benefits of Membership


Brother and Sisterhood

MGC organizations focus on leadership, community service, and multicultural issues. The members of MGC organizations strive to celebrate the diversity that members bring to each Greek fraternity or sorority. Becoming involved in a multicultural fraternal organization allows you to make a large campus smaller, connect with brothers and sisters with similar values and goals, as well as, pursue interests and activities that are meaningful to you. Often, having organization on your resume can provide interesting talking points during interviews for potential internships and employment.

Campus Involvement

Every Multicultural Greek Council member is highly encouraged to be involved in organizations outside their chapter. MGC members hold many leadership positions outside of fraternity and sorority life. Furthermore, MGC members are involved in Order of Omega, Student Diplomats, Student Government, the Office of Multicultural Affairs Council, intramural sports, and many more organizations and leadership positions. 



Although there is no formal recruitment cycle, the MGC chapters host "informational sessions" that are advertised on campus and are open to anyone interested in learning more about their respective organization.  After the informational, members utilize a process known as "intake" - this process differs for each group and each group typically enters the intake process at different times of the academic year. Intake usually involves the participation of the chapter and occurs with the oversight of local alumni volunteers.  Intake may include interviews, group activities, and study of organizational values and history. While these organizations consist primarily of multicultural students, they are open to all University of Nebraska – Kearney students.

If you are interested in multicultural fraternity or sorority recruitment, please watch our video or contact the Office of Greek Affairs at (308) 865.8057.



MGC Organization & Website


Contact Information


Chapter Profile

Lambda Theta Nu 

Dayana Rodriguez



Recruitment Chairwoman


National Founding: March 11, 1986

UNK Founding: October 15, 2005

Colors: Silver, Burgundy, and White

Spring 2013 GPA: 2.995

Membership: 21

Nickname: Lambdas

Mu Sigma Upsilon

Mu Sigma Upsilon

Jazmin Lopez



Recruitment Chairwoman


National Founding: November 21, 1981

UNK Founding: December 2011

Colors: Baby Blue and White

Spring 2013 GPA: 1.999

Membership: 4

Nickname: The Mus


 Sigma Lambda Beta

Sigma Lambda Beta

Alfredo Alarcon



Recruitment Chairman


National Founding: April 4, 1986

UNK Founding: April 4, 2004

Colors: Royal Purple and Pure White

Spring 2013 GPA: 2.887

Membership: 16

Nickname: Betas

Sigma Lambda Gamma

Sigma Lambda Gamma 

Janeth Barocio



Recruitment Chairwoman


National Founding: April 9, 1990

UNK Founding: April 24, 2009

Colors: Majestic Purple and Shocking Pink

Spring 2013 GPA: 2.900

Membership: 27

Nickname: Gammas